ECDE 2024: Defence, climate and environment – coinciding, not conflicting possibilities

June 12th – 13th
Oslo, Norway

Climate change is one the greatest challenges of our time, with a major impact on the security situation in the world. At the same time, defence and military activity are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact, while the security policy situation in Europe leads to increased activity and investment in defence. Are there solutions that deal with both climate and security challenges? And how will a changed climate affect military planning, activities and materiel in the future? 

We invite you to a two-day conference where we will take a closer look at the opportunities in the intersection of defence, climate and the environment. 

At the conference you will hear more about: 

  • Climate change and security – how are these two topics connected and how do they affect each other?  
  • Renewable energy in a defence context 
  • Strategic planning and activities to meet the climate challenges 
  • Defence and green public procurement. Understanding supplier perspectives on climate and environment solutions.  


Oslo Congress Center
Youngs gate 21
Oslo, Norway